BIM Services

QeBIM is a leading BIM company offering a comprehensive range of BIM services across the UK, Spain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, and other European countries. Our 3D BIM modelling services help architects, engineers, and contractors in delivering construction projects with enhanced productivity and accuracy. At QeBIM, we provide complete solutions and collaborate closely with our clients to grasp their unique demands and deliver tailored services to meet those requirements. Our team of BIM experts has in-depth knowledge of BIM standards and works on different types of projects, such as residential, commercial, institutional, and infrastructure.

Our BIM Modelling Services Offering

  • Architectural BIM services
  • MEP BIM services
  • Structural BIM services
  • BIM coordination services
  • Scan to BIM services
  • Revit family creation services


1) BIM for Clash detection and Coordination

We use BIM for clash detection and coordination to identify and resolve conflicts before the construction process begins. Our BIM services enable efficient collaboration between architects, engineers, and contractors, resulting in a faster and more accurate construction process.

2) Quantity Takeoff

At QeBIM, we offer quantity takeoff services to our clients, which help them in estimating the number of materials required for construction. Our team uses BIM software to generate accurate quantity takeoffs, resulting in reduced waste and increased efficiency.

3) Construction Documentation

We also provide construction documentation services, which help our clients in creating accurate and detailed construction documents, including shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and as-built drawings. Our BIM solutions enable faster and more accurate documentation, reducing the likelihood of errors during the construction process.

4) BIM modelling services

Our BIM modelling services, including 3D BIM modelling services and Revit modelling services, help our clients deliver construction projects with enhanced productivity and accuracy.

Delivering BIM models that meet your complex needs

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become an essential component of the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, and we at QeBIM recognize its significance. We provide our clients with complete solutions that cover all aspects of BIM to help them meet their goals. Our team of BIM specialists uses the latest software, including Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, and ArchiCAD, to deliver efficient and cost-effective BIM solutions.

Our BIM services are designed to meet our client's needs and include BIM modelling, clash detection and coordination, quantity takeoff, construction documentation, and BIM consulting. We prioritize client communication and tailor our BIM services to fit their unique needs. Additionally, our BIM modelling services include creating 3D models, scheduling with a 4D model, and estimating costs using a 5D model, as well as incorporating additional dimensions such as environmental data (6D) and facility management data (7D).

Get in touch with us now to discover more about our BIM solutions to maximize productivity and precision in your construction projects with QeBIM's comprehensive BIM services.